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Company Philosophy

融合差異(yu-go-sai) According to Chinese thought, it means when two different things come together and produce a result that is unique, and greater than the sum-total of its parts. In other words, uniting unrelated qualities manifests itself in a new solution.

Synetre is a multi-service consulting firm that is actively work together with Japanese corporations who are operating in US and Latin American markets. Synetre offers Japanese companies a wide range of solutions for successful operations in the US ranging from:
  • business planning for entrepreneur and startup companies
  • human resource planning
  • accounting consulting
  • business advising to promote continuous business growth.
At Synetre, we bring together different professional perspectives to establish your company's ideal platform for business in the US. Integrating our distinct specialties in sales, marketing, HR and accounting, we work with Japanese clients to develop innovative strategies and creative solutions for developing their business.

At Synetre, our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive services, bringing them to new levels of success.

Company Name: Synetre, LLC.
Establishment: December 24, 2002
Business: Business Consulting

Consulting Services

1. Recruiting

Although it often takes so much time and money to find qualified personnel, we will help you save your time and cut the costs with our speedy and effective service. Being up-to-date on HR conditions in the US, our consultants immediately recognize your needs and employment conditions through thorough consultation and act promptly to help you fill the opening positions with best suited workers in a timely manner.

2. Staffing - IT Engineers

We will help you find not only permanent employees but also temporary workers who can fulfill your needs required for short/long-term IT projects. We will analyze qualifications and dispatch specialists with extensive knowledge and experience. During the contract term of a dispatched worker, we will also help you with hard-to-manage tasks, such as various business transactions, attendance management, and personnel administration.

3. Business Startup Consulting

Good planning means more time for you to focus on building your business: Starting a new business is a very exciting endeavor; however, there are numerous factors to take into consideration and many potential difficulties which can be anticipated when establishing a business in the US. What you really want to do is focus your energy on is the work you are best at – building your business. Synetre has all the resources you need to get started correctly. Synetre will:

4. HR Outsourcing

For Japanese expatriates, it is very difficult to deal with work conditions and staff management in the United States because of social and cultural differences. Instead of the typical one-way consultation of outsourcing services, we will help you handle these everyday problems by providing comprehensive guidelines and instructions and facilitating good relationship between the company and your staff. With practical advice based on the external view of our professional consultant, we will assist you in finding an optimal solution to your problem.

5. Accounting Outsourcing Services

Our outsourcing services include, but are not limited to:


Tomiko Yazawa

Born in Tokyo, Tomiko Yazawa specializes in IT engineer recruiting, human resources consulting, staff training, and staffing.
Having been certified as an MOT (Microsoft Official Trainer), Tomiko became active as a self-employed instructor in the field of computer technology while still in Japan. With the computer industry booming in the early 1990's, her clients comprised a number of major companies. In 1996, she became affiliated with a well-known Japanese construction company, the Kashima Group, and thereafter established "ACT Win College," the first computer instructor training school in Tokyo. Developing effective curricula and procedures, she made the school so famous that it often drew more than double the applicants of its enrollment capacity. The passing rate of those students who took the MOT exam amounted to nearly 100 percent at the school, which produced many excellent instructors.

In 1998 Tomiko left the school and went to Dallas, Texas, the following year. After studying English as a second language for a year, she entered Richland College of the Dallas County Community Colleges, where she majored in Computer Information Technology and expanded her knowledge in the IT area. She received her Associate degree in May 2001.

In August 2001, Tomiko moved to New York City. Soon afterwards, living in a neighborhood near the financial district, she was forced to deal with the 9/11 tragedy firsthand. While she was considering whether to permanently return to Japan, she was offered a position as a recruiter by a Japanese staffing company in New York. Utilizing her past experience she forged ahead in her career as a recruiter specific to the IT field.

Tomiko co-founded Synetre with her partner in December 2002. Currently, dealing with a major manufacturer as her principle client, she renders human resources management services that specifically involve IT engineer recruitment. Because she has developed strong ties with more than a hundred IT-related agencies, she is able to effectively dispatch many skilled engineers to her client in a timely manner.

Tomiko actively participates in the Business Women's Community of the Japanese American Association. She plays an important role as a director of the organization where she is involved in wide range of networking and social action programs in New York.


"I've never met anyone as talented and energetic as Ms. Yazawa.

Ms. Yazawa is my former computer instructor, and it is to her I currently owe my competence on my personal computer.

I started learning how to use computers from her 10 years ago when I had just turned 70 and was about to retire. In those days, not very many elderly people would dare to learn computers, and therefore, I was often referred to as a "cool" old man who was interested in computers.

Ms. Yazawa would visit me twice a week in order to give me computer instruction, something I knew virtually nothing about. I believe it must have been very frustrating for her to deal with such an old man like me. Ms. Yazawa, however, would never show the slightest annoyance. Instead, she, taught me with patience and great care. My wife and I would always look forward to the day of her lesson, at the end of which we would have dinner together and enjoy casual conversation for a long time.

I believed then that Ms. Yazawa, a person full of talent, would be able to meet with success even in New York. In fact, she is doing far better than I imagined. I'm very proud of her going to New York and accomplishing so much there.

I always feel grateful and extremely fortunate that I had Ms. Yazawa as my instructor. I wish her every success in her future endeavors."

Former President of Japan Mint, Ministry of Finance
Former Senior Executive Director of Japan Development Bank
Trustee of Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation

Kenji Atsumi


Business Systems Engineer in Chicago, IL.
About the position:
Required Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering and 5 years of experience in systems engineering. Please send resume to: info@synetre.com


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